Have you heard about YOUTUBE SHORTS? TikTok's new strong competitor?

If you haven't heard about it, you don't know what it is or you know it over the top, come with me and I'll explain to you objectively and quickly what YOUTUBE SHORTS is, including in practice.

Rather, it is necessary to quickly explain what TikTok is, if there is someone who was in a coma and has awakened now and is totally out of touch with what is going on in the world.

Just kidding!

I believe that the "insight" that I bring is so powerful and even valuable to many people that, even saying that it would be objective, I feel comfortable rolling it up a little.

And do you know why?

Because the first ones who ¨the insight¨ for this can benefit a lot from already starting to put into practice the information I bring in this text.

So, if you find it annoying, I don't go to the point and don't want to go on until the end, maybe it's even good.

Just kidding again! Sorry, now I promise you will.

What is TikTok?


TikTok is an application with a social network format, where you can publish and share content and see other people's content, follow people, be followed among other functions that are similar to those of facebook and instagram, as well as other social networks.

The difference is that TikTok focuses on short videos. ONE MINUTE videos at most.

Perhaps the focus of TikTok is not only short videos, but short videos with voiceovers with a cheerful and humorous tone.

It is basically because of this "footprint" that TikTok has, or that people have given him, he has surpassed in giant numbers like facebook, instagram and even Youtube.

See the chart below to compare TikTok with other apps


I won't talk about the details but you can easily find it on the internet.


The focus is on YOUTUBE SHORTS but to explain the ¨INSIGHT¨ I need this addendum on TikTok.

The point is that TikTok is a success and that is precisely why YouTube launches its own short video platform YOUTUBE SHORTS.



The platform is still in development but promises to come with everything and become a great rival for TikTok.

I don't see it as rivals in fact, certainly in YOUTUBER SHORTS the "footprint" will be
or may be different, but it will be a giant platform too, and that is an important detail.

Basically YOUTUBE SHORTS is a platform where people post videos with less than
1 minute, and with the phone on VERTICAL. Videos with the same phone, without
much production or post production, unless the platform itself offers or allows.

See what YouTube itself said about YOUTUBE SHORTS:

"Shorts¨ is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to
record short, catchy videos using only their cell phones"

A platform with the quality and credibility of youtube, or rather, a new and totally
new YouTube platform, you could say.

New in the sense of not yet having the competition that exists on Youtube.

That's why the first to develop content for YOUTUBER SHORTS, or the first to
advertise their products or services, that is, the sooner you start to have relevance
and influence on this new platform, the more chances you will have to be the TOP
of the list and thus sell your products or services or your art, your craft.

Not to mention that it has proved to be a great way to gain followers on social
networks as well as subscribers on YouTube itself.

Because when you subscribe watching your SHORT on YOUTUBE SHORTS you
are automatically subscribed to your ¨classic¨ YouTube channel so to speak.

And today more than ever and more and more, followers are contacts, they are
customers, they are spectators of your art, or of products you sell.

In short, followers represent chances of doing business and making money and
selling your brand.

It is important to understand that, in TikTok, the footprint is more for leisure and not
for research.

Youtube is a search engine, the second largest in the world, only behind Goggle himself, who at the moment is a kind of unbeatable GOD.

I associate GOOGLE with a god, and realize that I am not talking about any god

in specific, I speak of god as a super powerful being.

That's what Google is.

Google knows everything, it’s everywhere and it can certainly see everything.

Except your privacy, unless you expose it. The fact is that there is nothing you need that before you do not search Google.

It is a lot of power to inform and influence and sell whatever it is.

I'm not saying that to content producers like a youtuber does, but content that, unlike TikTok, is not necessarily humorous, but it can also, but there will be a lot of demand for short informational videos.

That is, instead of the guy going to watch the 10-minute video on how to change a shower, he will look for a SHORT that shows in a minute and in the ¨lata¨ what to do, and in a creative way, of course, he would have great chances of go viral and bring customers and opportunities or relationships or anything.

What I mean is that the tool has already been made available and is already being
used and there are people getting along with it because like me, and you now,
SACOU it is a great opportunity to expose anything and be well positioned in

And that means more businesses, more subscribers, more products sold, that is,
more money, more influence, more anything!

Let me give you an example:

You are a realtor and make a SHORT of a house that you are selling in a creative
and interesting way, for 1 minute, it will be much easier to sell that house. Because
if the video is interesting thousands of people will see it and certainly 1 will buy it.

Of course, it depends on what you are selling, the service you do or whatever.

You make a video changing the shower in 1 minute, understand? The chances of it
being accessed will be huge if you make a one minute video about it.

Certainly when someone looks for a shower change you will be the first, if you start
now and make a good video, obviously.

I do not say good in the technical and quality sense, but just a clear video that can
show in 1 minute how to solve the person's problem.

Of course, if you work with tires, you know that it is not possible to change a tire in
59 seconds (I don't think so !!!) but the question is not speed, but objectivity and

Even if a task takes a long time to do, if it is possible to summarize and explain it
clearly, and if it is something that helps people in some way, it will certainly be the
option when searching.

It will be you at the top of the galaxies, your company, your business, your channel,
whatever it is.

Because although it is still new, you can believe that it will be giant and that the first
will also be the first to reap the rewards afterwards, which will certainly come.

And why would your video of changing the shower in 1 minute be chosen?

Unless someone does a better one, he will be chosen because nobody wants to
see a person changing the shower, I want to see quickly how to change my shower.

Do you understand the footprint? Does it make sense to you?

It makes perfect sense!

If you have a YouTube channel and produce content but it doesn't go well, bet on
SHORTS. And try to grow there, which doesn’t even exist yet, and bring subscribers
to your channel that is going badly.

Of course, if your channel is doing poorly, maybe there is something wrong. But it is
easier to be seen in 1 minute content than 10 minutes.

It is faster and therefore you can do more besides being more manageable.
It actually makes producing content accessible to anyone, really.
Mainly because things become professional and on YouTube "classic" to be
seen there, the competition is much, much greater!

But to be seen on this BETA platform, that is, in development, it will be much easier.

And when I talk about the tool being in development, the YOUTUBER SHORT
platform, I don't want to say ¨infinished¨ the tool is already there and you can use it
now, I'll show you if you don't already know.

The great ¨cacada¨, if you have not yet understood, is that it is a new tool, even
despised, or at least underestimated and that it is an immense opportunity for you
to be relevant.

Being relevant on Google or YouTube is difficult, because there is a lot of
competition and a lot of good people.

But on YOUTUBE SHORT it's a new world that doesn't have to be optimistic to
know that it will work, and it will be giant too!
If you are the first to produce content about a certain area, preferably something
that you know how to do and do well, and keep posting 1 minute videos on
YOUTUBE SHORTS and have done what you do on your channel now and it’s no
use, maybe it will improve there because you will be the one.

Think about it, THE ONLY one, whoever searches for something there about the
subject you talk about or the service you provide and talk ... will only find you.

This will also make you more relevant on Google and on YouTube ¨traditional¨.

Can you see the potential of this and take action now?

Yes, you need to act fast because this text is dated. Perhaps when you are reading,
if it is after January 2021, all that I am writing is already happening.

If you notice you will notice that this type of signature, SECRET and everything,
always leads to a sales funnel.

But I don't want to sell anything.

Only this may be the greatest opportunity never seen before it happened.

YOUTUBE SHORTS is not only arriving, it has already arrived. It is still no man's

If you compare it to ¨traditional¨ Youtube, you can say that it is ¨every bush¨ yet.
There isn't much yet.

Fertile ground waiting not for buyers, but for people who want to build something

It is as if you find free and vacant land on Copacabana Avenue.

The opportunity is monstrous.

I realized and already set goals and I could spend more time giving examples of
what to do to stand out and how to highlight specific businesses, but there are so
many possibilities that I haven't even organized in my mind yet.

If by chance that also interested you and excited you as it excited me, and if you
agree and have suggestions, tips or doubts, leave them in the comments and we'll
talk more about it.

If you think it doesn't make sense, please leave your opinion as well that interests
me a lot.

Ok, I also found it interesting and it has potential but ...

How does YOUTUBE SHORTS work?


YouTube Shorts has 3 main aspects:

1- Creating content and generating engagement.

YouTube wants to make it possible for more people to more easily generate content
and engage people.

Thus, the goal is for people to record videos from their phones and use the
resources available on the platform itself. This makes it possible for anyone to
record their SHORTS and democratize quality, so to speak.

Your content will not compete with big productions full of effects.

2 - Helping people and channels to be discovered.

Yes, YouTube wants you to appear and participate and produce more content and
in an easier way, because it also makes money from it.

And YOUTUBE SHORTS really makes it easy for you to be found, for your content
to be found by people.

3 - More access and audience retention.

Youtube also wants new people and subjects and channels to be discovered.

You just need to make a SHORTS following the rules, the main one being that the
video is less than 1 minute long, and as long as your video is funny, or curious, or
that it has something that attracts people, it will be easier to post it on YOUTUBE
SHORTS than on youtube.

The interesting thing is that when they discover you on YOUTUBE SHORTS
people also end up having access to your channel on youtube.



As stated, YOUTUBE SHORTS is a smartphone app and can only be found as follows:

First you enter the YouTube application on your smartphone.


Then you click on this plus sign (+) as shown in the image


Then just click as shown in the image with the arrow below:


How do I record a video for YOUTUBE SHORTS?

Recording a video that fits on the video shelf, that is, on the YOUTUBE SHORTS
platform is simple.

Follow these rules to make your video a SHORTS and go to the youtube
shorts platform:

1- You will record with the phone vertically. That's right, unlike Youtube that
suggests horizontally.

Then, phone vertically.


2- The video cannot be longer than 60 seconds, 1 MINUTE.

3- The theme is free as long as it fulfills these 2 prerequisites

4- You must put together in the title of your video that you want to go to the

YOUTUBE SHORTS platform the hashtag #shorts

There, your video will appear in the YOUTUBE SHORTS gallery and if it is cool
you will have a good chance of being seen and shared, just like it works on TikTok.

At first, at least, you don't leave youtube for another app.

YOUTUBESHORTS is on YouTube and is only accessed by smartphone, to
make people record on the spot and without much extra resources, with the phone

Just follow the 4 rules above and your video will stop there on the


Important tips about YOUTEBE SHORTS:

You can upload (record) valid videos for YOUTUBE SHORTS in 2 ways.

1- You can record videos for YOUTUBE SHORTS with your smartphone or even
photo cameras as long as you respect the time of at most one minute of video,
and without forgetting  #Shorts.

2- You can record video for YOUTUBE SHORTS using the camera provided by the
app, but in this case it is recommended to make videos of a maximum of 15
That way, using the YOUTUBE SHORTS camera you will have access to features
similar to those of TikTok such as audio library, effects and you can edit your video
before posting.


Can you make money with YOUTUBE SHORTS?

Unfortunately not yet!

But Youtube itself says that because it is in the BETA phase this is undefined,
but that there are possibilities to monetize the videos in the future.

That is, of course that in the not too distant future monetization will happen,
just wait,

So the importance of getting started NOW.

To get ahead.

Another positive aspect of YOUTUBE SHORTS is that TikTok is a Chinese app

and that is why it is attacked by some people who say that the APP steals data
and information for the Chinese Government.

Although this has not influenced the rise of the app, many people will prefer
YOUTUBE SHORTS because it is more reliable and does not have this stigma
of SPY.

But I do not know if this is the case and if everyone doesn’t “spy” in some way.

Anyway, YOUTUBE SHORTS tends to explode soon and become one of the
giants and the main competitor of TikTok and, think about what was said earlier ...



I really hope that I was able to explain what YOUTUBE SHORTS is and how to use
YOUTUBE SHORTS as well as how YOUTUBE SHORTS works and that you have
understood the potential of this new platform.

And how much YOUTUBE SHORTS can help you to increase your views and your
business opportunities.

I hope that you and I can make a lot of money with YOUTUBE SHORTS.

I hope I covered everything about YOUTUBE SHORTS or at least managed to
explain the fundamentals of the platform.

And to conclude, see what a YOUTUBE SHORTS VIDEO looks like in practice.

This was the first video, or is it the video that represents the style of videos for

Check out an example of a YOUTUBE SHORTS video:

Thanks for those who came here and anything, just leave it in the comments!

If you want to know more about this subject, leave suggestions for guidelines in
the comments.

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